2020 Election Prop Guide

A Guide by Dillon Turnquist

We here at Faded Morgana know that this election is by far the most important battle for

democracy our country has ever faced. However, there are many things on the ballot besides

the presidential election that have a huge impact on our day to day lives. If you live in California, like us, you might be aware of the numerous ballot measures up for vote every election. Ballot measures can often be stuffed with confusing wording, and often, the summary of the measure on the official ballot doesn’t even come close to giving you a full scope of what it entails.

Gathering all the information to make an informed decision can take a lot of time that frankly

most people do not have. Well lucky for us, I did have the time, a full pot of coffee, and the

result was this.

Here is a link to a guide of all the votable measures in the state of California and measure J for Los Angeles County. My attempt was to make an unbiased source for those trying to make an informed decision on matters that impact their lives and their communities. Election day is Tuesday November 3rd, however early voting has already begun! It is now too late to mail in your ballots and make them count, so get out to your closest Ballot Drop Box!

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