A Day with my Buddy “Rona”

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

By Daniel “Sheb” Flores

Man, this shit is weird.

Each day has blended into one real-life Groundhog Day scenario.

Every day I wake up, I turn on MSNBC to ingest the day’s newest bad news while grabbing my peanut butter and dark chocolate chip sandwich to go with some coffee.

This morning ritual allows me to consume myself with a reasonable amount of fear of what is currently happening around the work; how we are failing now, but also seeing what success looks like for the near and far futures that we will eventually enter.

This cocktail of fear of this virus and confidence in safety procedures mixed with my breakfast is how I get ready before leaving for the hospital.

Now before you dispatch too much of your pity, my hospital is not experience anything close to what you see happening in many of the hospitals around Los Angeles or even worse places like New York and Italy.

But, there is still a healthy amount of fear every time I come to work.

Everyone knows it’s just a matter of time before our numbers here in Los Angeles begin to soar, and we start to test our hospital's capacity in terms of beds and supplies. Even now, masks and gloves feel like a currency, and that’s before the worst of this has yet to come.

Still, every day I got to work, I am around some pretty brave fucking people.

The Maintenance workers who clean the whole hospital, including rooms where this virus could be and make sure it is safe for our next sick patient to move into place.

All Food service workers, who have to deal with the fear of the virus being around them all day, while many work double shifts to make enough money.

Patient Transporters, who help these patients get from test to test safely, as they go in and out of patients rooms who could be infected.

The technicians who work hard to make their tests and procedures are still completed despite the added danger this virus causes them.

Patient Care workers who stay with patients who can’t take care of themselves and help them through this crisis as fewer and fewer visitors are allowed into our hospital.

And of course, all of the Doctors and Nurses that put their lives on the line to help these sick patients get better.

In the coming weeks, we should all know that things are going to get worse.

But, if we want to prove that our country is excellent, like in all my public school history books, then we must step up to the plate.

Getting that WW2 glow in this era requires us all to be safe and stay inside whenever we can, to ensure that essential workers have access to supplies and tests.

And those who lost their jobs are taken care of and are not ripped from their homes, go hungry, or are forced to work sick to get a paycheck.


Daniel "Sheb" Flores is the Editor-In-Chief at Faded Morgana and an active civil warrior. Daniel "Sheb" Flores likes The Lakers, Funky music and Workers Unions. He loves to sleep and works as a Patient Transporter at a Hospital in Southern California.

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