An Evening of Bass catches eyes & ears with quality music and zero gimmicks

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Los Angeles is a funny place. All woks of life move throughout it and therefore just about every niche interest or hobby you can think of has been touched upon in some style of event, fundraiser, or activity. And as electronically produced dance music (aka “EDM” if you’ve been under a rock since 2008) has slowly but surely taken over the musical preference of over half the country, Night Clubs of ALL sizes have discovered that pretty much every night of the week is a competitive race to get people to come to THEIR party rather than someone else’s. For instance, LA’s most popular weekly dance event, Space Yacht, goes down every Tuesday Night and dishes up free pizza halfway through the party, and it almost always sells out. So because of this, many clubs have begun experimenting with fun new ways to draw a crowd, like offering free food, fun themes, or even offering free massages during the show (I’ve seen it).

This brings us to Station 1640, a debaucherous little cub on the corner of Hollywood and Cahuenga that offers a diverse crowd and eclectic selection of music depending what night you’re attending. 1640 has hosted huge, wall-to-wall House and Techno parties, and has also been the stage for many rising and returning Bass acts throughout the last couple years. On Thursdays, the venue even hosts the West Coast’s biggest Drum’n’Bass weekly, titled “Respect”. It even occasionally sports a large stage for live Rock, Metal, Punk or Reggae to play on in their back patio. So when LA-Based event coordinators Flash Mob teamed up with Christina Emporia from Stations inside team to start throwing a new brand of bass nights, I assume the question was prominent: what will get people in the doorway? What can we do that is unique?

“An Evening of Bass” needs to rely on nothing more than the impeccable talent and LA's equally jarring love for bass music. The promoters here have recognized that if the music is quality and fun, a crowd will show and they will enjoy themselves, no matter what "gimmicks" are being offered. Things are kept simple, as the name implies, you've arrived for an evening of bass music. Drinks were poured, memories were made, laughs were laughed, and the crowd got exactly what they had been promised: An Evening of Bass.

With a great Happy Hour starting at 8pm and going til 10pm, there was plenty of reason to show up early. Resident DJ EMPORIA started the night off hot, getting the crowd going during her set with plenty of heavy hitters and classic dub drops with a few originals along the way. Smith, LilBird, and Rekoill each killed their sets throughout the night, bringing tons of energy to the dance floor and unloading massive amounts of bass music, heard and unheard, for the crowd's listening pleasure. I'd like to specifically point out Smith's set here. While each artist killed it in their own right, Smith was notably on fire and his music selection took me to a great place. The legends Hi, I'm Ghost appeared to close the night with a rambunctious and energetic set filled with incredible sound design and epic highs and lows. The amazing talent throughout the night has me excited to see what future lineup the event puts together.

The Bass community is about self expression, and art just as much as it is about music. So, of course, there were some incredibly staged booths with fun pieces of art for sale, live painters, and even fire spinning in the back to bring the community vibes to the cub. Beautiful jewelry, art, and sculpted gifts were collected and sold for reasonable prices in the back patio throughout the night. I'm excited to return next time with some more cash and take home some souvenirs. Most of this stuff is one of a kind and created with love and respect for artistry and it's definitely worth checking out.

An Evening of Bass is simple: It's an evening of gathering together with friends and dancing and listening to great music, with tons of laughs, and an opportunity to create great memories from 10pm-6am. So in its simplicity, it ends up becoming so much more than just a show. It brings the bass community the city has grown to cherish to the streets of LA, and the community feels alive both inside and outside the club with fantastic energy and vibes all around. The music slapped all night, with Hi, I'm Ghost emerging to drop a heavy, bass filled set onto us and remarkably impressive sets from Smith, EMPORIA, Lilbird and Rekoill, each and every artist on the lineup threw it down and it made for a great time. I'm excited for the next installment on September 6th, featuring EMALKAY. If you unfortunately missed this round, don't worry: the bass event doesn't appear to be going anywhere.

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