ARTIST PROFILE: AJIA OROZCO // written by Bri Cisneros

Creator of the raddest art shipped from near and far, Southern California native Ajia Orozco, exhibits a dreamy art style, by bringing her abstract perception into reality. This whimsical pop artist carefully constructs her modern creations with memorable tones that contain a twist of enchanting, yet muted colors.

At a young age, Ajia easily excelled in her art classes, which began to generate a serious contemplation of establishing a career as an artist. This driven individual attended the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she studied diligently to earn a degree in Art.

Her craft continues to grow daily, as she spends her time graphic designing by day, while (unofficially) defeating deviants as a Muay Thai ass- kicker extraordinaire by night. Additionally, her spare time is spent biking, reading, enjoying the great outdoors, and appreciating various types of art. Ajia especially admires the work of Vincent Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, and Instagram artist @Kelogsloop .

This beautiful soul is primarily inspired by the universal themes of: love, unity, and perseverance, which are strongly embedded in her work. While interviewing Ajia, it was really wholesome to see the amount of gratitude she holds, as she illustrated how deeply inspired she is by the strong women that surround her.

From Ajia’s Designs, I own two of her prints: the “Our choice” and the “Death By Overthinking” tombstone print, which I am both obsessed with! I also purchased and practically LIVE in one of my coziest sweaters, straight from her zodiac collection. If y’all didn’t already know, yo girl is an ~*Aquarius*~, so I copped one as fast as I could, since designs were LIMITED.

Limited clothing is my favorite because I am guaranteed a one of a kind design, that only a lucky few are fortunate enough to own. The horoscope designs were created so delicately and were very tasteful to each astrological sign. You can check out other designs in her shop, here:3

**Not For Sale**

My dear readers, now I will leave you with these concluding thoughts- are you putting your dreams on hold, just to adhere by societal rules? What about your aspirations that you’ve put on the back burner, only to preserve the sanctity of others?

After my interview with Ajia, I felt heavily inspired to disregard all societal boundaries and FINALLY take some creative risks- in hopes of showcasing my capabilities. In our current state, as a whole, we are experiencing this strange, life changing event together. So I propose that we take advantage of the down time we’ve accumulated to create some brilliant art. It will not only be best for our own sanity, but overall, a gift for humanity to enjoy- for future decades to come!

Alas- A final message Ajia wishes to leave with our readers is, that anything is possible for those who decide to pursue a career in a creative field. DO NOT listen to the negative voices which proclaim ‘it’s impractical’ to achieve your life’s true desires. By following your intuition, your dream of achieving a career in the arts can become your reality, just like Ajia’s. She has discovered through her endeavours, that following your heart is always worth it in the end.

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