DON'T MISS: UFO's and Techno? Intercepted Transmissions go live this weekend!

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Friday, September 20th 2019. Possibly the biggest day in modern history, possibly nothing interesting really at all. When a viral Facebook group went a little too far and reached tens of thousands of viewers in what appeared to be a massive invitation to infiltrate Area 51 (the top secret military base in the-middle-of-fucking-nowhere, Nevada) September 20th became one of the most legendary memes of the year. The obnoxious attack strategy became one of the most talked about phenomenon of 2019.

Will anyone show up? Will anyone get in? Will the trespassers be killed? Whether or not anyone will show up, well, we'll find out tomorrow (or today, depending on when you're reading this), but something we do know people will for sure show up to this weekend is the inaugural installment of MOD Ent's INTERCEPTED TRANSMISSIONS.

Held on the sacred Jackson land, Intercepted Transmissions is a new brand of desert party centered around the enigmatic idea of infiltrating Area 51 to get a glimpse of alien life, offering Techno and House music from Sunset to Sunrise on Saturday, September 21st. The party is hosted by Mod Ent, Jackson Collective, and Googley House Society.

The electric lineup includes some of the best names in both underground Techno and House. Faded Morgana mix contributors Chef Boyarbeatz, J Woogie, PVJVMVS, and Melay are all on this stacked lineup, along with Killer Pop who's single "Up & Down" is due for re-release from FM Records before the year is over. Major players from the Jackson Collective, Low Freqs, Googley Eye Society and Rock Bottom Records will also grace the stage this Saturday. Not to mention crazy sets from prolific acts like Arnold & Lane, Brodawg Mandude, Sang Froyd and Skonka. Don't miss Intercepted Transmissions this weekend and stay tuned for more coverage.



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