Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Martin Knowles, better known by his stage name Emalkay, is an English dubstep producer and DJ from Birmingham. Known for hits like "When I Look At You" and "Graviton" the prolific DJ and producer has been a proper legend in the bass music scene since his debut album, Eclipse, in 2011. Recently, his new release "Reworked" has garnered some much deserved attention.

Knowles is finally making his rounds back across the USA for his new DARK PLACES tour, and Station 1640 was his first stop, boasting an impressive supporting lineup featuring THELEM, LAIKA BEATS and LA residents DVNGEROUS and HULLABALOO. Our incredible underground bass culture here in Southern California rolled in the welcome wagon, greeting the legend back to Los Angeles as the headlining act for An Evening of Bass (a new series of bass shows at Station 1640 thrown by DJ/Producer Emporia and the popular up and coming party team, Flash Mob).

An Evening of Bass is a rowdy great time. The crowd showed up filled with energy and danced their hearts out, and the vibes were loving and wholesome. Equipped with cheap drinks, an eclectic assortment of vendors out back, and even a multi-channel silent disco and fire dancers, the party is welcoming to all sorts of bass aficionados no matter how you like to party. The series continues in December with Luzcid headlining a stacked night of dubstep and heavy bass.

Emalkay threw down a refreshingly insane set. Recently, dubstep acts have relied heavily on trap or riddim breaks to keep the energy up in a crowd, and yeah if you're into that sorta thing it works really well, but Emalkay laid down a proper good old fashioned dubstep with all the highs and lows I've missed for a few years. The tour slaps. Not only did Emalkay bring destroy his crowd, but Laika Beats played an incredibly energetic set and Thelem showcased some inspiring and amazingly crafted new sound design, this tour truly isn't one to miss. Unfortunately, the only Southern California date has passed, but the tour continues in New Jersey this Sunday at High Caliber Festival and swings back down to Colorado on October 5th.

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