Faded Morgana Presents The Weekly Digest Vol. VI

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Faded Morgana Weekly Digest

Faded Morgana has your back during these trying and unique times. Our mission is to showcase the local underground music and art scene here in the greater Los Angeles area, and as everything takes a step back and slows down, we can really start looking at all the wonderful creatives and their work with more observant eyes. Bored during your quarantine? Our staff will have weekly suggestions for what you can spend your time doing, and we'll be promoting local artists and musicians along the way, giving you plenty of options to choose from when you're filling your free time over the next few weeks. Enjoy!


When did you first get into photography?

  • Photography is something I started focusing on just this past year or so. I’ve always had an interest in it but it all started back in college. I went to school thinking I wanted to be a video game designer but quickly I learned how much I hated coding and the process as a whole. Then I randomly took a tv production class, that’s where I fell in love with working with cameras. From there making films became my passion until recently I learned how much I truly enjoy taking photos.  

What are your goals with photography?

  • My ultimate goal with photography is to make it a full time career. Originally I wanted to have a career in film and television but I’ve strayed a bit off that path to pursue photography. I still have a lot to learn and much more work to do to eventually make this happen. But Id love to be able to do photos for festivals such as Desert Hearts and Lightning in a Bottle (If they survive Covid-19)

What are your favorite things to shoot?

  • Currently, my favorite things to shoot are portraits and landscapes. Since we are in quarantine right now and are strongly encouraged to not interact with people, I’ve gotten into photographing nature and landscapes more. Sunsets have brought me the most joy recently with its beautiful colors. Those kinds of photos are my favorite to edit cause I love to mess with colors.

More Photos from Justin

I know you mix as well, what are your favorite genres of music to spin?

  • Yes, DJing has become a fun hobby for me since all my friends are DJ’s. My favorite kind of music to spin is melodic house/techno. I love the kind of journey you can go on when you perfectly craft a beautiful mix. It has so much variety where you can start with a really chill mood and move your way into more dark and heavy beats.

What other kinds of music do you like?

  • My music tastes ranges a bit but doesn’t stray too far from electronic music. But I always enjoy some rock, jazz and even some heavy metal from time to time. But if I had a choice of one type of music to listen to the rest of my life it would definitely be Disco. Probably my second favorite genre to spin and the genre that gives me butterfly’s when I listen to it.

Other creative passions & hobbies

  • My main hobby these days is DJing. But Its funny, the main things I do that are creative have to do with photo/video. I love working on short films with my friends. But since quarantine started and I have too much time for my own good I’ve started to get into baking with my roommate. It's almost meditative at times. But I’ve always been and always will be a huge gamer. I play more RPGs than anything else. Some of my favorites are The Witcher series, TES Skyrim, and the Fallout series. I was also that kid in high school that played World of Warcraft.

Justin is one of the most charming, funniest, nicest guys you could hope to meet, and we are all extremely happy to run into him at a show, in a warehouse, or out in the desert. We cannot wait to begin shooting festivals with our new team. Check the all-new Faded Morgana Photo Team out here! And be sure to follow Justin and DM on his Instagram @Jayholdstock for shoot inquiries and price quotes! Or email @justinholdstock@gmail.com


I was fully expecting this show to be to Rick and Morty what The Cleveland Show is to Family Guy, i.e. some crash grab half-hearted program trying to ride the coattails of it’s “parent show”. This is not the case. The new Justin Roiland Hulu original Solar Opposites is hilarious, inventive, and stands firmly on its own. It’s more sitcom than it’s creators similarly themed Rick and Morty, and lacks the sometimes surprisingly heavy themes of that show, but carries heart all the same. The subplots alone are ambitious, and if you enjoy the anarchic violent humor of Rick and Morty, this is that turned ALL the way up.

Paddleton stars Mark Duplass and Ray Romano in another weird yet charming movie made by the Duplass brothers. Both Duplass and Romano play characters well within their wheelhouses. Each actor’s talents really helping sent a tone that was filled with awkward, loving wholesomeness. A movie about how all of us find love even if it’s not in the way we expect.


Missy Aspinall // Canon 5D // January 2016 (Throwback Set)



Local underground music we think you should be listening to.




Every Friday for the next 5 weeks we're gonna be serving up dope ass mixes from some of our favorite underground DJs in Southern California, regardless of the genre.


Kurt Sved is a prolific music producer and bass DJ from Southern California. When he isn't meticulously planning Jackson Tree, Kurt can be found under the moniker Solotrip, creating beats and designing sounds that are able to captivate and mesmerize audiences of all kinds. Solotrip has graciously contributed a mix to our weekly series this week filled with his unique brand of quick, bouncy tunes and heavy bass. Did we mention it's all original tracks produced by Solotrip himself? Going for a drive today? Cleaning the yard? Need to dance for a bit? Check out this new FM Mix this week and get your appropriate dosage of bass.

www.solotripbeats.com/ Soundcloud: @solotripbeats IG: www.instagram.com/solotripbeats/ FB: www.facebook.com/solotripbeats/



a weekly section brought to from the mind of Dillon Isaac "Oyst Quest" Turnquist

I’ve said this once before, and I’ll say it again. I am so grateful to be alive during the same time as when Porter Robinson is making music. Last year Porter debuted his 100% curated festival “Second Sky”, and after an absolutely perfect weekend, there was no reason to not be excited about the 2020 version...enter Covid-19

With all festivals off the table, Porter took live streams and virtual festivals to the next level with “Secret Sky”, an all-digital festival. Using Dreamwave technology designed by Active Theory a virtual festival space was created where you could control your squiggly line avatar to explore the space, and even climb the bleachers to get a better view of the stage with “LED” board. Using “WASD” you could move your avatar around the space, however, the best part had to be that you could make your little squiggle jump and dance by spamming the spacebar.

Accompanying the intense care that went into the crafting of this festival was the music. By running shorter set times, Porter was able to pack in 19 incredible acts into 14 hours. Some of the highlights of the day for me were G.Jones, Anamanaguchi, Madeon, DJ Potaro, Nanobii, and of course Porter himself. If you want to relive the sets from this weekend (and trust me you do) almost all of them are available on Youtube(couldn’t find the G.Jones set). For 14 hours on Saturday, Porter Robinson was able to defeat the Corona Virus and connect us in a space that blurred the lines between watching a live stream in your living room and dancing in a crowd with all your friends.





Not only did the cast of "Parks & Rec" return last week for a special "social distancing" themed reunion episode, Not only did the cast of "Community" return during Joel Mchae and Ken Jeong's epic rewatch podcast, but John Krasinski ALSO got the cast of The Office together for a special zoom recreation of the famous wedding scene from the show! If you grew up watching NBC Thursdays in the 2000s, the nostalgia be hittin' different this week.




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