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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Faded Morgana Weekly Digest

Faded Morgana has your back during these trying and unique times. Our mission is to showcase the local underground music and art scene here in the greater Los Angeles area, and as everything takes a step back and slows down, we can really start looking at all the wonderful creatives and their work with more observant eyes. Bored during your quarantine? Our staff will have weekly suggestions for what you can spend your time doing, and we'll be promoting local artists and musicians along the way, giving you plenty of options to choose from when you're filling your free time over the next few weeks. Enjoy!


Artist Profile!

Anthony Diaz

Anthony Diaz is a local artist from Southern California.

He describes his art as  “a study of patterns and how they can be manipulated to represent motion or time. Diaz has been a refreshing addition to our vendors at our “Smoke“ shows at DBA in Pomona.

Diaz‘s artistic journey started with simple drawings inside his notebooks and forming bands with his friends. His passion for how music and visuals compliment each was critical to how his art has developed over time.

”I’ve always been a fan of the concept album artwork and the pairing of music and visual art. My first art niche was drawing, and I would always listen to heaps of music while drawing until super late at night. Drawing patterns and repetitive shapes has always been a way for me to find my zen and alleviate my daily stressors. Eventually, I did a few albums covers myself, but I had always wanted to be able to perform my art live along to the music, and so I took up doing visuals as well.”

When talking about some influences on his art growing up, Diaz describes attending the venue Low End Theory as a “potent experience with eclectic music and awesome visuals on a weekly basis.”

Seeing Flying Lotus perform his set alongside visuals from Strangeloop opened up infinite possibilities where Diaz could take his art. He also mentions artists like Stranger Liquids who help inspire him not just through dope art, but their tireless work ethic.

Keep a lookout for SoCal Psycheout, a music and art festival that was supposed to occur in March, but has been moved to September because of this stupid 'Rona. He is excited to camp and see the visuals projected on these massive rocks that are behind the bands. Diaz will be vending during the day and doing visuals at night.

make sure to check out both of his Instagrams: @diazprints for drawings and @moirebender for his visuals.






Recommendation by Greg Chidley

Stream On: Amazon

Based on a popular comic series by the same name, The Boys is anything but a traditional story of caped crusaders and superheroines. This story depicts the harsh, dark reality of the world if enhanced human beings really did exist, and how our government would inevitably turn them into a giant cash pinata. Wherever men want power and cash, there's also betrayal, scandal, and death. The Boys is a well-written, exciting, and at times jaw-dropping story of vengeance and superheroes with a new kind of disturbing twist. It's also pretty funny. Seth Rogen and writing partner Evan Goldberg serve as executive producers on the show, if you needed any more convincing.


THE EZRA KLEIN SHOW - Elizabeth Warren has a plan for this, too

Recommendation by Daniel Flores

I wish we could escape it, but we really can’t. The coronavirus pandemic is something that has infected all of our lives, and sadly, most of the news is depressing and people of all ages are dying and a huge number of minorities have been disproportionately affected by this crisis.

This new conversation between Klein and Warren doesn’t hide from the harsh realities that we all face together, but it gives us a path forward on how we can deal with this. I round this refreshing, considering that much of the news has been a cocktail mix of depression and anxiety.

This interview helps contextualize the uncertain future that lies ahead.

link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-ezra-klein-show/id1081584611?i=1000470613822



Recommendation by Matt "Sign" Macias

Available On: Steam, PS4, Xbox, Switch, IOS, and Android.

The Jackbox Party Packs are some of the best ways to play games with friends while being stuck at home. Several players compete or work together in various mini-games such as defusing bombs and coming up with convincing lies to trick your friends. The games often makes for much-needed laughs during these difficult and somewhat dark times. The big upside to these games is that only one person needs it while all other plays can simply join via tablet, smart phone, or computer. There’s currently six party packs to choose and almost all are on sale.



Recommendation by Luke Boots Curley


**Although Shea Serranno pushes for his books to be purchased from smaller retailers and local bookstores, during these unique times you can only order the physical copy of the book online at sites like Barnes, Books-A-Million, and eBay! It's also available on Amazon, but fuck Amazon amirite?**

Be it rap, basketball or movies, anything this man writes about is insanely detailed, thought-provoking, personal, and hilarious. Whether or not you’re a huge movie buff, these essays are page-turning fun. I am a movie buff so in particular for me, this is paradise in book form.


5 EWOKS!!!


@chidstagram weekly


Valerie // 35mm Canon EOS 5D MARK II // July 2019



Local underground music we think you should be listening to.

ADDED THIS WEEK: Morelia, Fantom Freq, Ocean Roulette, VNSSA, NottheFather, Arnold & Lane



This week we explored how COVID-19 is affecting our friends and staff who work on the frontlines in the medical field with two new articles. Check them out here:

A Day With My Buddy 'Rona - Daniel Stanley Fores

But Doctor...I AM Pagliacci" - Ryder Blake




With the Corona Virus confining all of us to our homes the past month it’s no wonder that video games have seen a sudden surge in popularity. This coupled with the release of the new Animal Crossing made Switches a rarer commodity than toilet paper. It may be true that Animal Crossing was the big video game of the event for the beginning of the year, however, the main event is the release of the next generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

Ever since last year we have already known everything about the new Xbox, what it looked like, the controller, and the specs. However, we only knew the specs of the PS5 and how ugly that leaked dev kit was. Then out of nowhere, Sony dropped a glimpse of the future: and it's two-toned

Gone are the days of the Dualshock, as Sony has decided to dub this new controller the DualSense and when you find out why it makes all the sense…no pun intended. Besides the aesthetics and design getting an upgrade the internals are getting a massive update with haptic feedback. Without getting too deep into the specifics, basically this new controller will use multiple rumble motors to simulate different in-game scenarios further immersing the user in the game. When you drive through mud, you’ll feel that, and when you pull back on a bow to fire an arrow, you’ll feel that increasing tension. Thus, allowing the developers to bring you further and further into the action.

PS5 and Xbox Series X usher in the new generation of gaming holiday 2020, and I for one can’t wait to get my hands on them.


When I was 13, I starred as Barret Wallace in a fanmade, unfinished movie. It was this low budget indie film by a still unknown director, and he had this wonderful screenplay about Final Fantasy VII, the legendary 90's cult classic RPG from SquareSoft (now Square-Enix), that I could not resist. In the not too distant past of 2005, Final Fantasy VII was receiving a lot of attention. Kingdom Hearts 2 was released and again featured Cloud and Sephiroth, (the later in the form of a super-hard secret boss fight), the movie sequel to the game, Advant Children, was released, and last but certainly not least: the PS3 tech demo which showcased Midgar to flex the power of the then next-gen console. Video game fans held our collective breaths’ year after year waiting for an announcement from Square Enix (per usual), as images of protagonist Cloud Strife jumping off that train in full HD glory promised us all of what could be

In 2015 the fantasy became a reality and the project to remake Final Fantasy VII was officially announced from Square, and after five long years of waiting, Square is finally delivering on the first installment of the Final Fantasy VII remake. The original Final Fantasy VII on Playstation was a 70-hour adventure spread over 3 discs. The remake will take this same approach as it attempts to fully fledge out and expand the world, doing so over multiple games. Though that may seem greedy, the entire point of this project was fan service and by providing us with the best possible version of this game. With this in mind, I will gladly experience this story again over multiple parts.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available now exclusively on the PS4




Our Friend RosesforJulia is hosting her first open mic night next week! Shoot her a DM on Instagram to sign up!!


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