J WOOGIE - Faded Morgana Exclusive Interview

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Simple Stuff:

How was your name created? Inspired by the Woogie stage at Lightning in a Bottle Festival and my first initial J, I created J Woogie!  When did you first attend Jackson Tree? I attended in February 2017. An adventure to say the least! How long have you been spinning? I’ve been DJing for 6 years What is your favorite genre of music? My favorite genre of music is house! Aside from electronic music, what do you like to listen to? I still try and keep up with Hip/Hop and Rap. What was the first band or musician you remember loving while you were growing up? First band… Ramones on the car ride to elementary school!

The Interview:

Your music selection always has so much energy, when you pick the songs you play in a set, how do you decide what makes the cut? I create a playlist of 40-60, based on venue, opening or headlining slot, and the typical crowd that comes. My main goal is for people to dance so I will play different genres and see how they react and adjust the songs I choose accordingly. I also love to mix songs they know but with a twist, either a remix or edit. It’s so fun seeing you out in the desert or a festival because you have such great style. Where do you get your outfits? Whats the story behind the blue wig? Thank you! Honestly thrift shops are my main source of awesome clothes: Buffalo Exchange, Goodwill, etc. A great tip I got from my friend Aidan was check the women’s section, they got cool tops haha. As for the wig, I saw a photo of a group of friends wearing wigs in LA and thought it exuded confidence and a fun time so I tried it out at Jackson Tree and it was a HIT! It's an easy way to be remembered too! It’s easy to tell you’re a seasoned DJ and you’re one of the grooviest sets of the night whenever I catch you. How would you describe your set to someone who hasn’t seen you before? Thank you! Its groovy, its sexy, its funky, and makes you just want to dance!  Have you begun producing yet? And if so when can we expect some releases? I started diving in this November on my own and trying to do it often. Was going through a lot recently so music was pushed aside but now Im ready to get back into it! On the hush hush I’ve been working with Andrew Jonathan and he’s been such an amazing teacher and friend so hopefully this year! What kind of music would you like to produce? The projects I have been making range from deep melancholy electronica, techno, tech house, and house. At this point Im figuring out the process and finding my sound!

What kind of vibe do you like expressing in your sets? What energy do you want the crowd to feel and take home with them? Within the past year my style has definitely changed so I have more groovy, soulful, funky, and disco tracks I like to play but also bring those house and tech house heaters as the night goes on. My main goal is for the crowd to dance and also interact with each other through dance! It’s been a bit since we’ve seen bookings from your side project Diamond Heist. Whats the story behind the group and can we expect any shows in 2019? Diamond Heist is a duo with myself and Mimi Moss that started at Jackson Renegade at Lightning In a Bottle 2017 when we did an impromptu b2b and was one of the best sets I’ve ever played! Thanks to Mimi we got to play main stage at Avalon January 2018 and crushed it with a crowd of supportive friends! Unfortunately we decided to stop the project as my style has changed and I would like to focus on myself as J Woogie. Nevertheless it was a fun time and experience! How do you keep a fresh selection of music in your roster? What’s your music hunting process like? Best way for me is Beatport since I get my music there. I follow certain record labels that fit my sound and watch for their releases. I also check the DJ charts on Beatport where bigger artists will post tracks that they like. I will listen to mixes from artists I like and try to find songs I like from there (1001tracklists.com is so clutch for this). Im also part of a few facebook groups that post mixes or songs and I can find some there. If I really want to dig I will scroll through Soundcloud but that has been to be a less time efficient way. What’s your relation with MDA? What kind of plans do you have with them this year? Modern Disco Ambassadors or MDA (@followMDA) are a collective of local DJs and promotional group based in Orange County who host Wednesdays at La Cave in Costa Mesa. I got with them through my friend Bryan Orozco (Rozco) and its been a great experience. Its an intimate venue and we have had a variety of headliners like Volac, Justin Jay, and Yung Bae. I’ll be DJing some Wednesday nights throughout the year, hopefully play our Summer Home brunch event and Saguaro events! Im happy that I was able to link MDA with the Jackson Collective for their takeover on February 6th! You’ve definitely accomplished creating a style and sound for your sets, which is no easy feat.  Any tips or last words for DJs starting out? Play tracks that you genuinely enjoy, there is a crowd for every genre/style. Starting off almost all of us used virtual DJ and a cheap controller so start with that and watch youtube videos. If you are ready to use club equipment (CDJs by Pioneer) look up guitar center that has them out to use, thats how I learned!

Feel free to follow me on instagram @jwoogie_ and @followMDA for upcoming events in OC! Thank you!

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