Killin' Quaran-time: Self Care Edition

It's self-care time bitches! No one does set care better than me and I am here to give you some tips to not only kill some quaran-time but also hopefully boost your mood!

PRO-TIP: DO A DIGITAL DETOX SIMULTANEOUSLY. Eliminate as much screen time (ie. phones, computers, TVs) during this time as you can. Research recipes beforehand and have them prepared so you aren't reliant on technology for one day. You can do it! I know you can!

STEP ONE: Grab yourself a BIG glass of water. If you have some lemon, cucumber, or maybe even some frozen berries, throw that shit in too, make it fancy.

STEP TWO: Sit tf down. Inside or outside will do. Now we're gonna meditate. Bring your phone only if you're using a guided meditation. I'll add a link below to some. Just sit there for as long as it feels good.

STEP THREE: Move your body. Dance, jump rope, Hula Hoop, walk, yoga, literally anything that feels intuitive to you, just move.

STEP FOUR: Nourish your body. Make yourself something healthy and yummy to eat. Think salads, smoothies, veggie breakfast scramble. Something that you'll feel satisfied after eating and not groggy or overfilled.

STEP FIVE: Get wet. Not just any shower or bath. We're talking well past the standard soap, shampoo, and condition. We're talking exfoliation, deep condition, maybe even shave if we feel like it. We're talking essential oils in the tub or on the shower walls so we can get that aromatherapy. We're talking bubble bath or Epsom Salt. Don't have Epsom Salt? Throw a cup or two of baking soda in the water. Detox baby! Take your time in the water and just try and relax.

STEP SIX: Face Mask Time. You may not have a face mask at home (and no your CDC approved face covering isn't what I'm talking about here), but you may have all the ingredients at home necessary to make your own. Just google easy DIY face mask recipes (add the "Recipe" part or only COVID face mask tutorials are gonna pop up). This applies to hair masks as well if you're into that! If you really wanna make it fancy, try steaming your face first. Grab a pot (electric tea kettles are great, too!), boil some water, and bring it with you to the bathroom. Plug the sink and pour the water in, maybe some essential oils here if you have them. Now grab a towel and cover your head over the sink, letting as much air in as necessary to not steam your face off. When you feel like you've had enough dry your face and slap on that mask, avoid any areas with facia hair or things will get messy. Now grab a book and maybe a snack and marinate bb you deserve it.

STEP SEVEN: Wash your face. Possibly your hair too if you decided to do a hair mask in addition/substitution. Apply your normal skin routine, whatever that is, but take your time doing so. If you have one of those stone rollers, use it today. Put a couple of spoons in the freezer and give yourself a spoon facial. DoEs iT wOrK? No idea, but it feels nice so check this link to target specific areas:

STEP EIGHT: REST. Whatever that means to you. Take a nap. Read a book. Cook something new. Go sit outside in the sun. Whatever you need to do to feel rested, do it.

There's obviously a million other things I wanna add to this list but I won't. As I said, I'm hoping these easy-to-follow steps will hope you kill some "quaran-time" and maybe even boost your self-love in the process. Namaste, bitches.


Erika is one of the content directors for Faded Morgana and enjoys connecting herself and her readers to their spiritual side.

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