NEW MUSIC: Sour Boys & NotTheFather join the HOB Collection with "Unpresidented"

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

un·prec·e·dent·ed /ˌənˈpresədən(t)əd/

adjective never done or known before.

House of Hustle was established in 2014, aimed to create a label that wasn't connected to any specific genre of house music, but moreso connected through their artists overall love for deep basslines and sick melodies. House of Bangers can be thought of as the "evil, twisted" version of their sister label, and shares a similar vision, but with a heavier focus on unique spins on house music and forward-thinking production. Rising producers NotTheFather and Sour Boys (a duo consisting of LA-based DJs Fadi and Jesse Angelis) have delivered just such an arrangement of music in their new "Unpresidented EP".

Both artists have received a great amount of support this past summer and are steadily climbing the ladder towards dancefloor mainstays. The Unpresidented EP is the second EP release from the fairly newcoming Sour Boys, following an EP released earlier this year on Rock Bottom Records, and it included a remix from NotTheFather himself. Now the two have teamed up in the creative process and brought us two brand new, massive tracks on one of House music's fastest rising labels right now.

Listen to "The Elite" Here on Soundcloud!

The Unpresidented EP features original tracks "The Elite" and "Can't Be Fooled" which both feature audio samples from United States Presidents, hence the title. But the title is also a play on the word unprecedented, which means "never done or known before", and that not only fits HOB's overall theme when finding their artists, but cleverly describes what you're about to hear in the newly-presented tunes. In "The Elite" we can hear current President Donald Trump giving his now infamous "Elite" speech over an energetic house banger that provides perfect party vibes and heavy grooves. This song was seen being rinsed multiple times over the summer by various DJs in LA and got the crowd going each time, and now we're excited to see how much it grows with its official release. "Can't Be Fooled" shares a similar theme, but with former President George W. Bush making his own famously regrettable blunders before a drop that boasts some thick bass and a fun beat guaranteed to get you moving.

Sour Boys, NotTheFather, and Boondok going B2B at Orange County's AYCE party.

An assortment of elements that both Sour Boys and NotTheFather have showcased in past releases are brought to the table with these tracks, and they compliment both artists styles perfectly. Both song are incredibly energetic, making their new home at House of Bangers all the more fitting. With plenty of support in the house community and a growing number of gigs and releases, we're confident you'll be hearing much more from both LA-based artists in 2020. We suggest you don't sleep on either NotTheFather or Sour Boys discography, with these two new bangers being a perfect entry point into both artists music, and if you're a fan of House music in general, these are for sure must-adds to your personal playlist. It's time to hear something you haven't known before, something unprecedented.

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