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Jeff Paralejas, AKA PVJAMVS, is hitting the ground running this summer. The Fresh Baked founder hit us with his and Wurmhole's contribution to Teethy's Morelia & Friends II Compilation on the 5th in the form of a banger called "UMC" or "Universal Mind Control". It was refreshing to hear, as this past year's undoubtedly left many artists with writers block and an unclear path, but the song slaps, its catchy and its fun. PVJAMVS was letting us know he hasn't gone anywhere. Fast forward two short days later and he's dropped the first big summer anthem of the season.

The Loners Anthem shows off a side of PVJAMVS we hadn't seen yet. The song has a fun house beat with all the bells and whistles acting as they should, but then this tremendously catchy hook and fun synths takes the track over and transport you to a world we once knew: a patio under the hot sun, drink in hand, dancing with your friends (without a mask). The song truly embodies that summer anthem vibe, keeping your feet moving, your mouth singing along and your head boppin'.

After a year of hardships and uncertainty, PVJAMVS has returned with not one but two feel good, bouncy, summer tracks to start the season off right. And it's lyrical message is clear: "Don't you think like that/I will love you endlessly/if you'd only believe in me". PVJAMVS is here to stay, and all you had to do is believe in him.

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