PVJAMVS - Faded Morgana Exclusive

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

The Fresh Baked Captain dropped off a fire mix for Faded Morgana and answered a few questions we had for him before he left. Check it out below:

Where did your name come from?

I'm honestly glad you asked this, one day I was in friend's garage and I was in a smoke circle and one of my friends asked me how I spell my last name. My friend at the time Dillon was quick to reply to my one friend before I could and said "It's something that starts with a P has two A's and a J, it's like pajamas or something." I always thought that was hilarious.

The spelling of PVJAMVS comes from my hate for people that spell things like that. It's a troll, I don't think it's actually cool.

What is your biggest influence when it comes to music?

When it comes to music I'm influenced by a lot. I love all genres of music so I thing it would be a mix of what I was raised on vs what I'm currently fucking with now

How long have you been mixing? Producing?

I've been mixing since the end of 2013, I've always had DAWs on my computer but didn't start taking music production seriously up until maybe 2016...I think lol

What are some goals you have for the rest of this year?

My goal for the remaineder of this year is to get signed to at least one more label before 2019 end, one more...which means something is coming right? :)

How would you define your music?

My Music is often described as something in between "dark" "driving" and "funky"

What is Fresh Baked and what are your plans with the collective?

FRESH|BAKED is my event group, brand and record label. I started this group with my good friend Dryor Hughes (NAPZz) back in 2016 and now run it with our lead A&R Nestor (NES)

We've thrown events all over So Cal and now release free music on SoundCloud. We like to think of ourselves as the label "By the people, For the people."

Who are some rising artists you think we should look out for?

First off let me start with DAMN

A lot of my closest friends make music so this is a tough one....I'd like to take the time shout out The Potassium Gang, you know who you are...yall my brothers and you're some of the dopest creators I've ever got to cross paths with. All of the Jacksons, Ocean Roulette, Eric Mark, NES, Laspin, Oscar O, Not The Father, Both of the Sour Boys, Christian Bistany, Delphosound and MFI.

There's so many more and I hate you for asking this cause there's people left out and I'm sorry friends if I didn't drop your names....I still see you baby, shaking that ass.

Where are some of your favorite venues to play? Whatabout favorite festivals to attend?

My favorite venues to play are the ones where there's no sound limit and goes for at least a few days...anything desert or camping with music.

Desert Hearts,Dirtybird campout, Lightning in a Bottle are a few that I like.

What are your hobbies besides music?

I'm a big fan of participating in the marijuanas, when I have free time...I unwind and eat. Weed and food...I'm a simple man.

When can we expect the next release??

Towards the end of August....Techno is coming

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