Updated: Apr 15, 2020

The Ideals of a Happy Warrior

written by Daniel Flores


Let me tell you about my job as a Patient Transporter. Besides being my first step on my way to becoming Jason Statham (a fellow balding Transporter), it’s provided me the proper context to showcase my values, because during each shift I am surrounded by a wonderful staff, and just as wonderful patients. Calling me a “glass is half full” type of guy would be an understatement, yet most of the people I see tend to agree with me.

After talking to my coworkers and some of the others at the hospital, I think I’ve discovered our little formula for happiness around here and it goes like this: the patients are nice to the Transporters and so the Transporters are nice to the Nurses and Techs, then both the Nurses and Techs are nicer to the Patients; rinse and repeat.

Still, this hospital’s success is not to be measured in happiness at the workplace, but rather in how many people we get to send home, cured of their ailments, and I personally believe that our constant progress in this is due to our diversity, caring and innovation.


The most important of the ingredients to our progression is diversity.

Diversity in a workplace provides a tremendous advantage because a diversity of people is more likely to lead to a diversity of thought. With diversity of thought, we are able to broaden our horizons, which will allow us to approach problems differently and that could lead to better, faster work (Or maybe it just helps you understand people better?) When you are exposed over and over to different cultures and types of people it is easy to see that we are all just human beings with different backgrounds. Maybe it would make more sense if I said Cokes with different flavors?


Compassion plays an important part in my everyday life. Each day at work, many people that I talk to are either facing death, or helping someone who is fighting it. Being compassionate about what they are up against goes a long way, and this is something I take into consideration, politically as well.

Compassion means fighting for the issues that are bigger than ourselves.

This is fighting for climate justice, racial justice, LGBTQ justice, and worker’s rights to just name some of the issues. It is important to remember you’re not the only one in the world, and human beings like yourself have no choice but to fight for these causes every single day of their lives.


Innovation is an important part of the medical field and, well, pretty much every issue that we face today.

  • How many workers will be forced out of jobs due to innovation?

  • How are we going to fix our out-of-control climate?

  • How are we going to solve the homelessness epidemic?

Innovation is a necessary ingredient to everyone’s success moving forward.

I have decided to start a column to talk about people and organizations that exemplify these values, especially those working in the Los Angeles area. I want to tell the stories of those who fight for our rights every day, not for the recognition, but just to help out his fellow brothers and sisters. Take care and stay tuned.


Daniel "Sheb" Flores is the Editor-In-Chief at Faded Morgana and an active civil warrior. Daniel "Sheb" Flores likes The Lakers, Funky music and Workers Unions. He loves to sleep and works as a Patient Transporter at a Hospital in Southern California.

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