Name: Gawen

DJ NAME:  Rawr

Age: 25

Where are you located/where are you from?:

I'm located in Brooklyn, New York and I'm originally from Atlanta, Georgia.

How did you first get into music production/mixing?

I was initially exposed to music production around the age of 10 from a friend who began messing around in FL Studio. From there, I experimented with music production software until I got serious about it in 2013.

What are your favorite genres to listen to? What about mixing? 

My favorite genres to listen to are Trap, Hip/Hop, Electronic, Pop, and Ambient/Classical Film Scores. The tough thing about this question is that genres are very fluid nowadays, each artist has a genre of their own. I find that I chase certain sounds rather than a specific genre. That's the beauty of the evolution of music.

What about your least favorite genre?

My least favorite genres would have to be metal and country music. But even within those genres I can find a song with that certain sound I like.

What other passions and hobbies do you have?

I enjoy film, tv, sports, cats, traveling and Rocket League… that last one, it’s a problem.

What are your goals with RAWR?

My goal with Rawr is to make music that makes me happy first. But beyond that, I want to create an experience that others can enjoy, in whatever form that may take. From Singles to EP’s, live shows to film scores, I see Rawr as having a good degree of versatility.

What makes you happy?

Making others happy makes me happy.

Anything you want to add?

I have a new album coming out soon titled THRUSTER and am excited to share it with everyone.

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Our talented friend Morelia has been releasing weekly mixes through Insomniac/Dash Radio for the past few months, and he finally uploaded them all in one spot for your listening pleasure. Each mix is an hour of music hand picked by the Snake Daddy himself, which pretty much guarantees each mix is a total banger. Check them out on his soundcloud below!


The boys in Calmgrove have done it again with. abrand new acoustic single and music video created by C3 Productions. Check it out below~


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a weekly section brought to from the mind of Dillon Isaac "Oyst Quest" Turnquist

I’ve said this once before, and I’ll say it again. I am so grateful to be alive during the same time as when Porter Robinson is making music. Last year Porter debuted his 100% curated festival “Second Sky”, and after an absolutely perfect weekend, there was no reason to not be excited about the 2020 version...enter Covid-19

With all festivals off the table, Porter took live streams and virtual festivals to the next level with “Secret Sky”, an all-digital festival. Using Dreamwave technology designed by Active Theory a virtual festival space was created where you could control your squiggly line avatar to explore the space, and even climb the bleachers to get a better view of the stage with “LED” board. Using “WASD” you could move your avatar around the space, however, the best part had to be that you could make your little squiggle jump and dance by spamming the spacebar.

Accompanying the intense care that went into the crafting of this festival was the music. By running shorter set times, Porter was able to pack in 19 incredible acts into 14 hours. Some of the highlights of the day for me were G.Jones, Anamanaguchi, Madeon, DJ Potaro, Nanobii, and of course Porter himself. If you want to relive the sets from this weekend (and trust me you do) almost all of them are available on Youtube(couldn’t find the G.Jones set). For 14 hours on Saturday, Porter Robinson was able to defeat the Corona Virus and connect us in a space that blurred the lines between watching a live stream in your living room and dancing in a crowd with all your friends.

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