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Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Faded Morgana Weekly Digest

Faded Morgana has your back during these trying and unique times. Our mission is to showcase the local underground music and art scene here in the greater Los Angeles area, and as everything takes a step back and slows down, we can really start looking at all the wonderful creatives and their work with more observant eyes. Bored during your quarantine? Our staff will have weekly suggestions for what you can spend your time doing, and we'll be promoting local artists and musicians along the way, giving you plenty of options to choose from when you're filling your free time over the next few weeks. Enjoy!


Artist Profile:

Roses for Julia

Julia Galvez reading at Smoke in January. PC: @chidstagram

by Daniel Flores

“I started writing poetry when I was 13 years old. I was boy crazy back then. Enamored with the idea of finding my Prince Charming. Remembering has boyfriends, and my feelings for them were just so innocent and pure.”

Julia Galvez, a self-described "romance nerd", explained that from a young age, she was interested in all aspects of love, so she began to write about her journey.

This romantic nerd told me that when she wrote down her feelings, she noticed there was a melody, giving her the feeling that this was indeed poetry.

The feeling of her words having rhythm and power gave a full picture of what was happening to her emotionally.

Roses for Julia, a blog created by Miss Julia Galvez, showcases a wide range of emotions through her poems and short stories.

Julia talks about the content on her site being a piece of her, and where you saw growth in the site, you saw an increase in her.

Her poem “Sleepscape” tells a story we are all familiar with. While your problems seem to stay away during the day, but rush back right before bed.

“Sunset” reminds you that no matter how bad or great your day is going, the sunset is going to be there at the end of it and how losing yourself in it can cleanse your soul for the day.

Julia’s next project is beginning to do writer’s workshops for anyone that wants to start writing, especially during the quarantine.

“ I needed a project and my friend Devin actually gave me the motivation. Talking to her made me realize that it could be difficult to write down our feelings. Plus, during this weird time, it’s cool to create a therapeutic community there for you to give you more motivation and goals. To help each other get their creative juices flowing. This is the stuff I have fun doing. ”

The first workshop focused on helping people journal.

You are provided with three prompts to help nudge yourself into the exercise. While I struggled to get through it at first, Julia’s video enables you to feel free and get in a judgment-free zone.

Her next writing workshop will dive into the world of poetry and help us utilize our minds as artistic tools.

The workshop will be on the Rose for Julia Instagram Live feed on April 3rd, 2020 at 6 pm (PT)

Roses for Julia will be performing on @prettysimplekat ‘s Instagram page!







Recommendation by Greg Chidley

Stream On: Netflix

After what became a very unintentionally depressing binge of every documentary Netflix had to offer, I am now convinced that everyone is secretly evil, all the people we love are going to be mysteriously murdered, and that aliens are watching us. But a shining light at the end of that tunnel came in the form of the 13-hour binge-worthy documentary called, "the Staircase" about famous novelist Michael Peterson's wife Kathleen, whom he found dying, covered in blood at the bottom of their staircase in 2001. The documentary follows his and his family's trials and hardships for 15 years while he fights for his innocence as he becomes the prime suspect in what is now being called a homicide. In an unexpected turn of events, given I now solemnly believe man is inherently evil, I'm pretty convinced he's innocent, but honestly, you really gotta watch the entire thing before you make your decision (Especially the small 3 minute short included in the "trailers and more" section on Netflix, titled "The Owl Theory". Fuckin' wild.)



Bill Withers posing for a portrait around 1973. Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Recommendation by Daniel Flores

One of my favorite artists Bill Withers passed away from heart complications today (April 3rd, 2020). Withers reminds me of driving around in the car with my dad when I didn’t know about the world around me. When talking to my dad today about his passing we short reminisced about his major hits “Lovely Day” and “Ain’t No Sunshine,” but Withers was much more than just his music career. Check out the documentary on his life and next time you are having a bad day, put on some headphones and listen to “Lovely Day”. I would bet good money you’ll be smiling by the end of the song.


Recommendation by Luke Curley

AIRED FROM: 2009-2015

Stream on: Hulu, Netflix

Top-notch comedy from a top-notch cast. Intelligent, hilarious, and ambitious, few shows can match the scope that Dan Harmon has reached with this excellent series. One demerit is the behind the scenes drama, which resulted in a subpar 4th season which the creator was not a part of before being hired back.


4 / 5 Ewoks


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Model: Jess Malnic // 35mm Canon EOS R // Jan 2020



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