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Faded Morgana has your back during these trying and unique times. Our mission is to showcase the local underground music and art scene here in the greater Los Angeles area, and as everything takes a step back and slows down, we can really start looking at all the wonderful creatives and their work with more observant eyes. Bored during your quarantine? Our staff will have weekly suggestions for what you can spend your time doing, and we'll be promoting local artists and musicians along the way, giving you plenty of options to choose from when you're filling your free time over the next few weeks. Enjoy!



P R O F I L E !



Chuck Alfaro is a sweetheart. We invited Chuck to our monthly live music and art event, SMOKE, in January and as he set his display up for Good Grief Supply Co., his creative outlet and blossoming brand, I felt really relaxed catching up with an old friend. Chuck's vision is cool, and the person behind the vision is even cooler. His display stand was littered in pop culture memorabilia, really awesome stuff like Scott Pilgrim/Naruto crossover stickers and Nintendo 64 game cartridges with famous images from movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Superbad printed on the front. Between bands, we watched lines form in the middle of the dancefloor waiting to cop some of his unique merchandise.

Chuck started Good Grief Supply in 2018, when he began taking his artwork more seriously and eventually wanted to form a cohesive brand. With so many fun, unique ideas, we wanted to know how all this came to the now 26-year-old creator. "I just love watching movies and tv shows from the ’90s and have always loved including pop-culture references in any way that I can. Getting back to my roots and the things that inspired me as a kid is always a fun journey I’m willing to take."

And apparently, its a journey others want to take as well. His items are popular, especially all the fun stickers he creates, and they catch peoples eyes quite often, he points out that creating his popular mash-up stickers wasn't even part of his original business plan: "Creating stickers was actually a happy accident, at the time I was drawing and selling my originals, then when I did my first art show I decided it would be cool If I made some quick, fun sticker designs of the most iconic series EVER: Pokemon. The reception alone when people walked by my space was enough for me to see the benefit of making stickers. The designs are fun to create, I get to show my humorous side, and above all, I just have to re-watch my childhood favorites for “research”. 

a PULP FICTION sticker Good Grief Supply Co. put out this past year.
Pup Fiction Sticker - Good Grief Supply Co.

"I personally love making very obscure & random references or mash-ups that I know die-hard fans will get a kick out of.  But in general, I would say I love having a good, solid concept and then create from there." Chuck says when asked about his favorite kinds of art to create. Besides Good Grief, Chuck is an extremely talented guitarist and has been part of several bands throughout his life. He mentions, "I still use creating music as my main coping skill to this day. And writing stories is just a fun escape to get away when the world is getting too crazy."

"When I was younger I had a GameBoy Advance cartridge that had 3 full Episodes of the Fairly Odd Parents on it; So I just thought it would be funny if that fad kept going and they made Pulp Fiction on the N64?" Alfaro's imagination coupled with his preserved memory of the things that made him happy as a child is what really makes Good Grief special and a unique brand that we think everyone will be interested in once they get their eyes on it. Chuck is confident, and cool, and honestly just a very nice guy with a huge vision and he's making it happen. He adds that next month, the Company will actually be taking its first steps in a new, exciting direction! "The goal for Good Grief has always been to open it up into a clothing company/brand. Everything I’ve don’t thus far has been the stepping stones to getting to the point I am now. These last few weeks have been scary but very exciting. And I should be releasing my first order of shirts this coming May!"

We're super stoked on Good Grief moving to clothing. Catch us reppin' these badass shirts as soon as they drop, and be sure that our newsletter will keep you updated as soon as that happens. Check out more of Chuck's work on Instagram at @goodgriefsupply and his personal page @senor.charles and join his exclusive sticker club at his website: https://www.goodgriefsupply.com/





Recommendation by Luke Curley

Stream On: Netflix

I finally decided to begin Ozark recently, as it was a series I had put off for some time. I can confidently say I was a fool to waste time on getting started with it. It took a few days for my family and me to binge all 30 episodes of the 3 seasons out right now. Comparisons can be drawn to the perfect series Breaking Bad, with the normal family dealing with the underworld of the Cartels, but Ozark stands firmly on its own as a unique high stakes show with a stellar cast, engaging characters and original setting. I was fully engaged with it, and I feel you would be too if you have not had the pleasure already.




Recommendation by Daniel Flores

Stream On: Hulu

Yes, another recommendation to watch the movie Parasite.

The first foreign movie to win the Oscar for best motion picture and exclusive to Hulu’s streaming service. While many have been talking about the greatness of the flick since it came out on October 5, 2019. Many have praised the films' look into the difference in the quality of life when comparing the poorest and the upper-middle class in Korea. For those that have been meaning to expand their quarantine content (yes I am also rewatching Parks and Recreation for 88th time). Hopefully, no spoilers have reached your ears yet, because this movie is a fun fucking flick.


Recommendation by Greg Chidley

Play On: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Macintosh operating systems

Okay, I know a lot of you just dropped a bunch of money on a Nintendo Switch so you can play Animal Crossing or one of the new Pokemon installments, and now you're probably wondering what the heck else there is to play on that system. The answer is: a ton of cool shit. But today I want to raise your attention to a little 2D indie game called Cuphead that's available for $19.99 on the Nintendo Shop (Or if you have an Xbox, whatever their store is called). The premise is simple, two brothers (who resemble adorable little humanoid-cup hybrids for absolutely no reason besides its fun and cute) lose a bet at a Casino and to pay off their debt, the actual fucking Devil has recruited them to use all sorts of cool power ups and fingergun moves to hunt down his list of souls he's yet to collect. The game is a side scroller, but don't let that fool you: It's really really frustratingly tough at some points. But the 1930's cartoon-themed art remains incredible and endearing throughout, and if you're talented enough to make it far in the game, you get to play some incredibly fun and beautiful levels that are very unique to this wonderful, quirky vision.


A friend of ours made a video about the time he's spent in Quarantine, and we'd like to share it with you all:

Learn more at instagram.com/mickeythemonkeyman


@chidstagram weekly


Erika // 50mm Canon EOS R // March 2020



Local underground music we think you should be listening to.

ADDED THIS WEEK: Chef Boyarbeatz, Frostbyte, Newgent, stosu., Solotrip, bd hbt, leet, Zonii, Bagsss





Every Friday for the next 5 weeks we're gonna be serving up dope ass mixes from some of our favorite underground DJs in Southern California, regardless of the genre. We ended last season on a bassy note from the legendary Chef Boyarbeatz, and so we're kickin' this season off with a funky fun new duo ;)

Marview is an awesome new DJ duo consisting of Collin Sommers and Ed Stuart (reigning from Washington DC and Adelaide, Australia respectively), and they've come to grace us with a fun, fast, and funky new mix for you to dance to in your living room during this quarantine! With influences such as Todd Terje, Patrick Cowley, and Prince, Marview started in 2019 with a mission to show you a good time on the dancefloor (whenever they open back up) and we think they're a great way to get this season kicked off! Don't sleep on this exciting new duo.

Soundcloud: marviewmusic IG: www.instagram.com/marviewmusic Youtube:www.youtube.com/channel/UCQLM3wXoEK1NAyZlmzQ9C4Q



a weekly section brought to from the mind of Dillon Isaac Oyst Quest Star Farts Turnquist

Virtual Vacation:

Somewhere by a Lake lives a Tree that’s seen the course of History

As we head into another weekend of physical distancing I’ve noticed that the surroundings of my room have become quite stale. This is only exacerbated by the fact that spring is here, and I’m living in a currently smog less Los Angeles and the thoughts of spending time in nature begin to increase in their frequency. So I thought that this would be a perfect time to take a little Virtual Vacation via google maps. So, please sit back, buckle your seat belt, and let’s go someplace we’ve never been before.

In the central prefecture of Takizakura, Japan, there is a small town by the name of Miharu. In this town, there sits a single lake, with multiple unorthodox limbs cast in all directions due to the rolling green hills that form a dream-like atmosphere. Upping the anime vibes to full Studio Ghibli levels, the banks that twist as wildly as the tree branches themselves are lined with the pink and pastel flowers of the Cherry Blossom Tree. This place of ethereal beauty only made more magnificent by the 1000-year-old guardian sitting just a few hundred meters away from the blue and sometimes violet water.

Nestled between two small sloping hills is a tree so magnificent and ancient that it has its own name. Miharu Takizakura, or the Waterfall Cherry Tree of Miharu, has had its roots extended in the earth and its branches reaching towards the sky for over 1000 years. While in full bloom this magnificent tree, which reaches heights of almost 40 feet, displays its full beauty as endless cascades of shades of pinks, whites, and purples evoke a sense that this tree contains the entire life force of the planet.

One thousand years is more than ten human lifetimes, and through scientific studies and of course our own recorded history, we know that this tree has lived through some shit. Some of that shit has been caused by those filthy humans and other shit was just by the way of the natural order; like when the snow came down so heavy one year that the citizens of the town came together to build braces to hold up the elderly outstretched arms of the tree.

You can find out more about this one of a kind tree, and how we can find strength in our own lives by appreciating how Miharu Takizakura has unapologetically bloomed year after year despite all the shit by taking a listen to the NPR piece that inspired this article: “'A Reminder That Nature Is Strong': In Japan, A 1,000-Year-Old Cherry Tree Blooms” by Kat Lonsdorf


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