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Faded Morgana has your back during these trying and unique times. Our mission is to showcase the local underground music and art scene here in the greater Los Angeles area, and as everything takes a step back and slows down, we can really start looking at all the wonderful creatives and their work with more observant eyes. Bored during your quarantine? Our staff will have weekly suggestions for what you can spend your time doing, and we'll be promoting local artists and musicians along the way, giving you plenty of options to choose from when you're filling your free time over the next few weeks. Enjoy!



P R O F I L E !


How does one summarize such a multifaceted individual? She started the arts young, at the early age of four years old. Often times Paige could be found alone doodling in her sketchbook. Her parents quickly put her into art classes at a young age, which was one of their greater accomplishments in life.

Fast forward a little over twenty years later and we have a greatly talented artist who teeters the line between hyperrealism and surrealism. Largely influenced by eerie individuals who wear their trauma in a way that only a survivor could catch. An artist who can not only see into the depths of an individual, but recreate a piece that embodies such emotion is hard to come by, but we’ve found that in Paige.

With a primary focus in painting and illustration, Paige has a keen eye for colors and how they can create a visceral reaction in the viewer of a given art piece. Drawing greatly from what colors bring her peace or calmness in times of depression or anxiety she can apply this color therapy to her art in an unparalleled fashion. She truly creates from a place of cathartic origin.

Paige is currently continuing her education of studio art with a minor in art history at San Francisco State University. There she continues her studies, creating along the way. In addition to her traditional artistry, she is a flow artist as well. Paige can be found at festivals or shows with her hoops or even her light whip, check her personal Instagram for videos @pdidddyy. While you’re there do yourself a favor and add her art Instagram as well @paigedrakeforbes. Truly art in motion, she is a sight to see, one that parallels her paintings, neither of which you’d wanna miss.




B I N G E:

Recommendation by Daniel Flores

Stream On: Netflix

The guy from Silicon Valley (Thomas Middleditch) and the guy from Parks and Rec (Ben Schwartz) star in a new improv show(well, new to Netflix) that is the best improv show since "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" (a text review from Julia Galvez). Each show lasts about 40-60 minutes and starts with a question on what you, the guests, are looking forward to today, setting the storyline for the episode.

The chemistry between both Middleditch and Schwartz really makes the show something special as they make mundane conversation into a symphony of laughter.

Recommendation by Greg Chidley

Stream On: Netflix

Timing is everything. During the quarantine, I have been trying to become more spiritual and focus on myself. On April 20th, Netflix premiered The Midnight Gospel and by noon on April 21st, I had consumed all 8 episodes the first season has to offer. This is not advised. The Midnight Gospel is a masterpiece, a truly masterful work of art from Adventure Time creator Pendelton Ward and comedian Duncan Trussel, and I cannot stress enough how deeply I believe everyone should watch this show. But it can be overwhelming, so maybe take a few breaks between the 25-minute segments. On screen, every episode is basically about the lead protagonist, Clancy, sending his mind across time and space to interview various beings who inhabit the multiverse for his Spacecast (a Podcast that is sent across space). But in actuality, Duncan Trussel (who voices Clancy) is actually interviewing a list of interesting gurus and masterminds behind spirituality, meditation, magic, and medicine (such as Dr. Drew Pinsky and Damien Echols). The topics span from drugs to death to manifestation and while they can be a lot to handle, the show is truly captivating and eye-opening. Do not mix with LSD. Or maybe you should, fuck it, who knows?

P L A Y:

Recommendation by Philip Petersen

Available On: Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

Listen, I know what you’re thinking. “A side scroller? In this fucking decade?” But take it from me, someone you don’t care about: Ori and the Blind Forest is fun. It’s as if the Legend of Zelda and Super Mario made tender love and birthed a new game. It features gorgeous, painted visuals, a sweeping orchestral score, and quick, snappy gameplay. It’s available now on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.


@chidstagram weekly


Tanner "Morelia" Munn // Canon EOS R // September 2019




Why didn’t anyone tell me how incredible this Nike run club app was? Fine, I’m sure a lot of you did and I ignored it. However, I have rediscovered it and fallen completely and irrevocably in love with it. Let me preface this by saying I am in no way shape or form a runner. As an ex (somewhat) collegiate athlete I have only ever endured interval sprint training for volleyball. Running endurance has never been a friend of mine. But I’m no longer a promising young athlete, I’m a 26 year old has been, and completely okay with that. So where do I go from there? Well, the Nike run club app apparently.

Full disclosure I have only done two runs with this app, but both have been better than any individual run I’ve done in years. The teacher for the runs I did does an excellent job keeping you distracted enough albeit engaged enough to truly find your own pace while running. This is something I’ve always struggled with due to a tendency of pushing myself to failure resulting in fatigue and usually inability to run multiple days in a row. The app also allows you to play your own music on Spotify and not have to follow along with some cheesy running playlist which is huge for me. I can't stand a guided workout that requires you to listen to its chosen selection of today's pop hits.

In addition to this, the app also tracks mileage, average pace, time, calories burned, elevation gain, and even average heart rate. There are a ton of other cool features too, including adding friends and setting achievements and goals for yourself. I haven’t spent a ton of time exploring the app yet, but so far I am hooked. If you feel like running or maybe if you’re not entirely sure how you feel about running, get this app and add me, let's run bbs. Just do it!

Erika Tamayo



Local underground music we think you should be listening to.





Every Friday for the next 5 weeks we're gonna be serving up dope ass mixes from some of our favorite underground DJs in Southern California, regardless of the genre.

Chloe Soleta is a DJ from Southern California who specializes in making dance floors get down to that groovy brand of house and techno. "It's all about listening to my gut when mixing," Soleta tells us, "When my gut says yes in a quick moment, the transitions always go the way I want them to. When it feels unsure the transition is more than likely not gonna sound as good as it could have. The more I've practiced mixing, the more I've learned to trust my gut and that's a lesson I take into all other aspects of my life." Chloe began mixing in 2015 and since then has found a love and passion for it, and she's left us begging for more on more than one occasion. Her sets always fire and this one is no different, we're extremely proud to welcome to her to the FM family with this red hot mix contribution. Other than mixing, Chloe practices Yoga daily (she's about to receive her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification)and both her energy and motivation are palpable. Her goal with this project? "It depends. Sometimes it's storytelling. Sometimes it's trying to bridge together two slightly different subgenres together in one mix. Overall I feel like my goal is to share a little bit of myself in every mix using music from others that inspire me and make me want to move. I feel like this mix is all of those things.

Check Chloe out on her socials below!

Soundcloud: @chloe-soleta IG: www.instagram.com/chloesoleta/ FB: www.facebook.com/chloesoletamusic



a weekly section brought to from the mind of Dillon Isaac "Oyst Quest" Turnquist

In the Moment After

“I’ve been having these weird thoughts lately... Like, is any of this for real... or not?”

As we barrel straight into the third month of this stay home order issued by Governor Gavin Newsome, I find myself passing more and more time playing video games. As a form of media, video games are hands down the most dynamic way one can tell and experience a story. Games like the Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption, and God of War lean heavily on dynamic character development and interpersonal relationships that drive said development.

So, back when the shelter in place order was first announced I decided to raid the Playstation store and fill my hard drive with a few new games, and of course the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC. I’ve been a huge Kingdom Hearts fan since the first game released back on PS2 in 2002 and I’ve spent the greater part of the last 18 years obsessing over the franchise. While playing the DLC, a moment occurred where I thought back to the quote that opened the first game all the way back in 2002: “I’ve been having these weird thoughts lately... Like, is any of this for real... or not?”.

After racking my brain over what the DLC meant in the context of the Kingdom Hearts universe, my mind began to travel. I started thinking about dreams, and the nicotine patch induced vivid dreams that have been occupying the REM cycle as of late. These thoughts I had kept circling back to those dreams that happen right before you wake up; the ones that have such realism to them that the pain, joy, or spectrum of emotions that you felt in the dream transfers to your conscious state and you continue to feel what you felt in the dream. Just the last night I had a dream where I read a text from a girl I was talking to, and when I woke up, I went to respond to the text fully expecting it to be there. Once the full weight of reality had set in that I had completely dreamt that text I was left in a state of trying to grasp what was real and what was just another extension of my mind.

Right now, as the days and hours begin to blur for all of us that are stuck at home, I can’t help but wonder if we collectively woke up from the dream or if we entered one. Although we cannot touch each other, we have used technology to keep in touch. We have seen the earth heal at the expense of our loved ones’ health, and we are reminded that our connections with others are more valuable than the material items that surround us. I don’t know when we will overcome this, but I know together we will and when we do we will be different and we will begin to see which changes are real, and which ones were all a dream.



Cool stuff going on this week!


Our friend Julia will be hosting the final instalment of her magnificent J's Cafe live-stream. Come watch people read poetry, perform music and stand-up, and show off their passions in J's Cafe. Friday 5/8 @ 7pm!!




Catch the homie and FM Mix alum Chef Boyarbeatz at this one!

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